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A crown is a dental restoration that covers coronal tooth substance and restorations.

While assessing the necessity of a crown for teeth, a series of points should be taken into consideration by the dental surgeon such as tooth vitality, aesthetics, periodontal support and gingival condition, caries control, to name a few.

The making of crowns is a five-stage clinical process, which involves

crown preparation (removal of enough tooth substance to allow sufficient thickness)

  • temporisation (required for aesthetics, pulp protection and prevention of overeruption or drifting of opposing or neighbouring teeth),
  • impression.
  • The crowns are prepared in one of the best dental laboratories in Mauritius, according to the information communicated about the crown shape, shade, irregularities and design by the dentist.
  • The last and final step is the cementing of the crown to the tooth.

At Best Dental Co Ltd, every patient is treated as a singular case in order to plan the treatment carefully and obtain 100% satisfaction.

Zero error crowns are produced as our dental surgeon follows meticulously all the details concerning crown making and makes sure the laboratory receives precise and correct information. Moreover, the best products and instruments respecting international clinical norms are used to provide you with the safest and highest quality treatment.

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