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Tooth Decay (Cavities) are decayed areas of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. If cavities are not treated, they get larger and the decay can cause a severe pain, tooth abscess, serious infection, broken teeth, chewing problems, tooth loss and other complications. If it's too painful or difficult to chew or eat, you may also lose weight or have nutrition problems. If cavities result in tooth loss, it may affect your self-esteem.

At Best Dental Clinic, the treatment of cavities depends on how severe the decay is and your particular situation.

Filling: A filling is material that replaces decayed areas of your teeth. We drill away the decayed material inside your tooth. The gap is then filled to restore the tooth shape. At Best Dental Clinic we restore the tooth with a very esthetic composite resin (a material that matches the color of your tooth) and is free of metal and mercury.

At Best Dental Clinic, we use the New Generation Composite Create as a filling material.

The composite has a wide range of shade owing to its unique particle distribution in order to blend well with natural dentition.

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